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Twitter photo tagging – how to opt out

  You may have picked up that Twitter has just made some mobile updates enabling photo tagging. It is now possible to tag up to 10 people in a photo and it does not affect the character count in the … Continue reading

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Alternative ways you can display and share your tweets

Aside from the Twitter web page, there are a number of different ways you can view tweets. Two of my favourites are: curating tweets to produce a digital style newspaper and showcasing tweets as a back channel that can be … Continue reading

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Time saving tech tips you may well have forgotten

There are so many time saving keystroke tips and tricks around and yet many of us (including myself) have either simply just not picked them up or along the way forgotten what they are! David Pogue talks about some really useful ones … Continue reading

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The 5 Stages of Getting Twitter

Below is an excellent article written by Shea Bennett on the 5 Stages of Getting Twitter. I am sharing her 5 Stages (in its entirety) as it is such a good summary and one that even the most prolific Tweeters will be … Continue reading

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Vine: The 6 second video app

Vine is a new way to share video. This free app (currently only available for iPhone and iPod Touch) allows the user to record and then embed a 6 second video directly in a tweet. You can choose to record one scene … Continue reading

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Thinking about your online social and professional identity

The sharing of images online through social media sites has become increasingly easy to do. Many of us can now take a photo using our mobile phone and share almost instantly via our digital social channels such as Facebook and … Continue reading

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Twitter #hashtags explained

The use of a # hashtag (US pound sign) was introduced by Chris Messina in 2007 as a way to group tweet conversations. Little did he know then how much they would go on to be used!

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Getting started on Twitter? Help is at hand

If you have just joined Twitter welcome to the Twittersphere! Rest assured that whilst it may seem a bit daunting to start with, once you start to follow people that interest you (this is important) you will start to engage … Continue reading

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Creating Lists on Twitter

Lists are a great way to help you organise the people you are following on Twitter into groups. This might be defined by people, interests, topics. For example I follow a variety of different Twitter users that are ‘news’ such … Continue reading

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